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Donation types:


*Also accept  Bitcoins  .  Send it at least 2hrs before your appointment.   

Call for details & for wallet address


* when you book a session, please ask if desired masseuse provide the service that you looking for.  Or check "MODELS" profiles, to find out which services each of them provide

Rate Length Service Details
$160 USD 30min Incalls Erotic massage
$220 USD 1hr Incalls Erotic massage
$360 USD 90min Incalls Erotic massage
$400 USD 2hrs Incalls Erotic massage
$200 USD 30min Incalls Nuru massage
$260 USD 1hr Incalls Nuru massage
$430 USD 90min Incalls Nuru massage
$200 USD 30min Incalls Prostate massage
$260 USD 1hr Incalls Prostate massage
$200 USD 30min Incalls Light Domination / Spankings
$260 USD 1hr Incalls Light Domination / Spankings
$230 USD 30min Incalls Strap-On session
$300 USD 1hr Incalls Strap-On session
$320 USD 30min Incalls 4 hand erotic massage
$400 USD 1hr Incalls 4 hand erotic massage
$300 USD 1hr Incalls Tantra massage ( Anastasia, Alina, Linda, Polina)
$200 USD 30min Incalls Foot Fetish
$250 USD 1hr Incalls Foot Fetish
$240 USD 30min Incalls Foot Fetish & Foot Job
$280 USD 1hr Incalls Foot Fetish & Foot Job